March 30, 2021

NMITS enables NOAA to procure mission and mission support information technology services, including enterprise services, system administration, software development, cloud migration, and cybersecurity. By using NMITS, customers will find it easier to achieve mission objectives.

What this means for NOAA Customers:

  • Streamlined, with Enhanced Capability: Simplified market research, allowing for an expedient process! AOI is pre-vetted and has an extensive knowledge of NOAA, industry best practices and innovative solutions critical to NOAA customers’ missions.

  • Investment in Innovation: More mission-focus! AOI is empowered to identify and coordinate emerging IT solutions and technology integration opportunities. The “M” in NMITS is Mission.


NMITS Benefits and Features:

  • NMITS enables NOAA missions to procure IT tools and provides a broad range of support in areas such as enterprise services, application administration, enterprise and cloud computing, data and voice network services, cybersecurity and information assurance. Customers putting NMITS to use should find it easier to succeed and enjoy a smoother journey through the IT acquisition process.  As a customer-focused 10-year contract, NMITS features the following service enhancements:
    • Enhanced Performance – Selected vendors are pre-vetted and have extensive knowledge of NOAA and our critical missions
    • Investment in Innovation – NMITS contractors have a goal in identifying and coordinating emerging IT solutions and technology integration opportunities
    • Broad Corporate Engagement – Market research for sources is simplified for quicker reviews and approval
  • The selected vendors were authorized through a rigorous review process during the NMITS evaluation phase and have been validated as companies with extensive knowledge of NOAA and our critical missions.

Contract Details

  • 10-Year (5-year base period plus one 5-year option), Small Business set-aside, multiple award indefinite-delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) GWAC
  • $2.1 billion contract ceiling
  • Full scope of IT services and capabilities to support NOAA-wide IT solutions for Line Offices, Staff Offices, and Corporate Services Offices. NMITS will be utilized by all NOAA Offices.
  • Procurement of IT tools and support in areas such as enterprise services, application administration, enterprise and cloud computing, data and voice network services, cybersecurity and information assurance.

Scope of Work

Alpha Omega Integrations, LLC.’ NMITS Small Business team has developed innovative and secure solutions for agencies across the federal government including Secure Portals, Mobile Computing, Software Development and Modernization, and Mobile Application Solutions.

The following are Alpha Omega Integrations, LLC.’s NMITS task areas, which are provided as a guide, but do not preclude placing any IT requirement. If you need help determining where your particular IT requirements fall, contact the NMITS program office at

NMITS Core Management Component Service Areas

A. Enterprise Services

  1. Technology Assessment and Evaluation
  2. Systems and Infrastructure Engineering
  3. Independent Testing and Evaluation
  4. Logistical Support and Inventory Management
  5. Asset and Configuration Management
  6. Technical Writing and Documentation Support

B. Customer Support Services

  1. Customer Relationship Management Services
  2. End User Computing Support
  3. Customer Experience Management and Operations
  4. Customer Education and Training
  5. Customer IT Infrastructure Installation, Build Outs, and Decommissioning
  6. Service Desk
  7. Desktop Management

C. Mission and Business Applications, Tools, Portals, and Web Services

  1. Software Engineering, Development, and Integration
  2. Mission and Business Application, Tool Development, Test, Integration, and Maintenance
  3. Web and Portal Systems Development, Integration, Maintenance, and Management
  4. Knowledge and Content Management
  5. Life Cycle Software License Management and Control

D. Enterprise Computing, CLoud, Storage, Shared and Field Services

  1. Server and Workstation Baseline Creation, Standardization, Deployment, and Patch Management
  2. Enterprise Systems Maintenance and Repair
  3. Field Service Support
  4. Server Administration and Management
  5. Storage Administration and Management
  6. Data Services, Data Administration, and Database Management
  7. Enterprise Cloud Services, Administration, and Management
  8. Enterprise Operations, Event Monitoring and Management, Performance Monitoring, and Analysis
  9. Enterprise Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair
  10. Service Delivery Center, Data Center, and Equipment Room IT Management
  11. Enterprise Data Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), and Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program Operations and Support

E. Data and Voice Network Services

  1. Collaboration Service
  2. Cable and Fiber Installation, Testing, Troubleshooting, and Management
  3. Network Administration and Maintenance
  4. Network Operations, Event Monitoring and Management, Performance Monitoring, and Analysis
  5. Wireless and Mobile Device Support
  6. Voice Installation, Operations, and Maintenance
  7. Video and Video Teleconferencing Installation, Operations, and Maintenance
  8. Knowledge Wall

F. Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Services

  1. Develop a Security Operations Center (SOC)
  2. Provide security services

Contract Information

  • GSA Schedule 70 Contract Number: GS-35F-360GA
  • BPA Number: 1305M421ANAAA0053

Sponsor: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency

NOAA & AOI Contacts

Customer Support Center

Call: 301-628-5700

Joanne Gladden, Director of Client Services

(571) 439-4302


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